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Exemples d'application avec les rotules igubal

Les éléments igubal® peuvent être utilisés sans problèmes même dans les environnements difficiles. Ils ne se corrodent pas dans les milieux humides ou mouillés. Leurs températures d'emploi vont de - 30°C à + 80°C Ils sont également particulièrement insensibles à la saleté et à la poussière.
Les Paliers Lisses des éléments igubal® peuvent être mis en oeuvre sans joint. Et ce, qu'il s'agisse de milieux exposés à des poussières fines ou à des particules grossières.

Search from over 140 applications of our customers

In a wide range of industries, solutions are technically improved and costs saved by the use of igubal® bearing elements.

More applications


This kiteboard has to be able to cope with heavy impact as well as with humidity and soiling.

Steering system

This aerodynamic steering system is used on hovercrafts.

High sea catamaran

and the first one that is variably adjustable in its width.

Packaging machines

In this packing machine, the boxes are discharged at the end of the process via the ejector unit by means of a pivoting movement.

Stone industry

igubal® pillow block bearing in the stone industry.

Swimming pool cover

Despite high installation costs, the solution with ball bearings and shrink tubing never achieved a proper sealing. The problem could be solved thanks to igubal® flange bearings.

Feeder magazine for furniture components

In this case, the use of igus® products is not only advantageous from a technical, but also from a financial point of view when compared to competitive products.

Banc d'essai pour centres de contrôle

Seuls des tests complets au sol peuvent montrer si des composants conviennent aux applications dans l'espace.

Inspection robot

Light-weight and mobile robot to inspect pipes on inclines and declines.

Delta robot

As part of a study project, igubal® variable double spherical bearings were used in a robot with parallel kinematics due to the individual pitch sizes in small quantities.

Plastic spherical bearings for electric wheelchairs

Lubrication- and maintenance-free plastic bearings provide the required functional reliability in electric wheelchairs.

Air bearing measuring carriage

In this air bearing measuring carriage, an igubal® spherical bearing is used because of its fast and smooth precisions.

4D seats

Maintenance-free igubal® pedestal bearings are used in theatre seats; they are noiseless and operate reliably even at high loads.

Asbestos system

For this reason, drylin® linear guides and igubal® KSTM pedestal bearings are used; these need no maintenance and are not affected by the aggressive asbestos either.

Car kit

igus® bearings are used for the gear shift linkage.

Automatic gate

This gate, which can be opened and closed automatically, is used in sport stadiums and is folded like an accordion.

Bakery products gripper

This gripper picks up freshly baked goods from a conveyer belt and packs them in baskets.


When the design was revised, the metal pivoting bearings used so far were replaced by igubal® KGLM pivoting bearings.

Electric golf trolley

Four igubal® pivoting bearings from igus® were tested for the floating axle through the drive, and found to be suitable after several months of tests.

Ergonomic seat mechanism

The use of an igubal® EFSM flange bearing has allowed the development of a maintenance-free and silent seat mechanism element.

Flexible roofing

With this system, for example, terraces can be roofed flexibly. The roof is even waterproof in the closed state.

Grain sorter

This machine cleans and sorts all types of grain. First the grain is separated from other material by an air current.

Inspection robot 1

This inspection robot was developed especially for use in pipelines.


Since temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius occur here, the pilot must wear fire and heat-resistant clothing. The bearings used also have to withstand the high temperatures and pressures.

Camera tripod

This adjustable camera tripod is usually used for cameras that have their centre of gravity well beyond the bearing axis.

Small electric plane

To achieve the best flying conditions, all components must be lightweight and at the same time as durable as possible.

Mars robot

This robotic vehicle is designed for a very special environment: it will one day be driving on Mars.


This pagepulltester is a high-precision measuring instrument for the bookbinding industry.

Artificial joint

This joint is a new development to be used in prostheses. iglidur® J plain bearings and igubal® spherical bearings are installed in it.

Recycling plant

Each machine contains 69 igubal® fl ange bearings, which were chosen on account of their corrosion resistance, lubricant freedom and space-saving design.

Salami cutter

With this application, salami is cut into slices. As with all applications in contact with food, here too lubricants cannot be used.

Solar aircraft

The prototype of the „Sunseeker Duo“ solar plane is the world‘s first solar-powered two-seater.

Solar silicon growth equipment

Previously, metal bearings and linear guides were used, which rusted quickly and therefore required frequent maintenance.

Gritting unit

The screwconveyer of the gritting unit has to be mounted movable in order to compensate axial offset and dynamic movements in the screw.

Deep-sea drive

This motor is to drive deep-sea robots even at 6,000 metres under the sea.

Variable Flange Plates

igus® thrust washers and flange bearings were used for the new design. They made the elaborate milling of the base plate unnecessary.

Adjustable arm chairs

the armrests of this chair are adjustable, to accommodate the needs of the individual user.

Wave machine

Since the tank is filled with salt water, the components used may not be susceptible to corrosion.

Golf Caddy

Des paliers appliques et des paliers à semelle igubal® compensent les défauts d´alignement de la structure flexible de ces chariots de golf automatiques.

Equipements de traitement de pelouse

Sur ces équipements de traitement de pelouse et de nettoyage extérieur, les paliers appliques igubal® assurent un logement sans corrosion à la fois économique et simple.


Des produits igubal® à la place des paliers métalliques évitent le blocage de l´arbre sur cette banderoleuse.

Installations de pochage pour produits boulangers

Les paliers appliques igubal® mettent un terme à la corrosion, à l´entretien et aux alternatives coûteuses en inox dans le logement d´entraînement des convoyeurs utilisés dans le secteur alimentaire.

Télescope à miroirs

Le déplacement des réflecteurs du télescope est assuré presque sans jeu par des embouts à rotule igubal®.

Machine à tricoter circulaire

Les rotules lisses igubal® de la gamme dimensionnelle E évitent les arrêts dus à des amas de fibres textiles grâce à leur absence d'entretien et de graisse.


Les rotules lisses dont est équipée cette bascule en carbone permettent de compenser les mouvements du cadre et de la suspension résultant d´une conduite dynamique.

Secteur des CD/DVD

Des embouts à rotule en polymères confèrent une grande disponibilité à l´installation.

Construction d´installations

Tribo-polymères sans graisse dans une application extrême - installation d´emballage de profilés.

Hydrogen-powered vehicle

Egg on four wheels - How rod end bearings and plastic bearings make a hydrogen-powered vehicle mobile.

Fertilizer spreader

A dynamic test reflects a service life of over 10 years.

Commande pneumatique de clapet

Les combinaisons à chapes igubal® en polymères constituent une alternative économique aux chapes en inox.

Accessoires pour entraînements pneumatiques en polymères

Résistance à la corrosion et faible poids des composants sont des critères qui ont pesé en faveur des composants igubal®.

Système de levage pour imprimante

La réduction du niveau sonore et les intervalles d´entretien long ont été ici des arguments décisifs.

Système de caméra

L´accouplement sphérique igubal® entre le chariot du moteur et celui de la camera permet des déplacements en virage à une vitesse allant jusqu´à 3m/s.

Réduction du poids sur des installations anciennes - une opération sans problème

L´utilisation de rotules lisses igubal® en tribopolymères a permis de réduire le poids du dispositif de levage et avec lui la masse en rotation et la charge sur la transmission.

Cadre de vélo

Des embouts à rotule sans entretien assurent la liaison entre la roue arrière et le cadre sur ce deux-roues.

Installation de garniture de chocolats

Décoration sans lubrifiant : avec les embouts à rotule igubal® sans entretien, les chocolats sont beaux et bons.

Commande automatique de porte et portail

Les embouts à rotule igubal® assurent leur fonction en extérieur sans le moindre problème.

Marche de camping-car

Les embouts à rotule utilisés pour les marches de camping-cars doivent être robustes et résistants à la saleté.


Des embouts à rotule igubal® assurent la liaison au niveau de la direction.

Capteur de mesure de course

Absence d´entretien et de corrosion et la même couleur que celle du boîtier du capteur permettent aux embouts à rotule igubal® d´être partie intégrante du vérin.

Industrie textile

Des embouts à rotule sphérique compensent les écarts de concentricité et les chocs dans le support du guidage du fil.


Les rotules lisses igubal® utilisées sont totalement insensibles aux agents du milieu d´utilisation et n´exigent aucun entretien.

Revêtement de stade

Des rotules lisses igubal® sont utilisées dans le logement principal des lamelles en raison de leur absence d´entretien et de corrosion.

Véhicule spécial

Des embouts à rotule et des rotules lisses robustes, insensibles à la saleté et sans entretien sont utilisés dans des véhicules communaux spéciaux.


Des rotules lisses igubal® servent de composant isolant sur des pantographes de métro.

Installation de mise sous pli

Le mouvement nécessaire pour une mise sous pli très rapide et entièrement automatique est assuré par des paliers à semelle et des embouts à rotule en polymères.

Installation de convoyage dans le secteur alimentaire

abrasion, corrosion, durée de vie élevée et résistance aux produits de nettoyage ont été autant de critères en faveur d´une utilisation dans le secteur alimentaire.

Dispositif de transport

Pour le logement d´arbres d´entraînement et de pignons, des paliers à semelle en polymères réalisent des mouvements pivotants simples et compensent les défauts d´alignement.

Recumbent bike

igubal® rod end bearings are used in the titling mechanism of this recumbant bike.

Speed boat model

It is possible to compensate alignment faults with igubal® spherical bearings.

Installation de pochage

Sur les appareils de pochage et de transport, des paliers à semelle et des paliers appliques igubal® compensent les éventuels défauts d´alignement des plaques en tôle.

Machine du secteur alimentaire

Le boîtier et la liaison universelle à bille sont tous deux réalisés en des matériaux adaptés au secteur alimentaire.

Machine de cave

Les embouts à rotule des accouplements résistent aux acides de fruit des raisins.

Machine d´emballage

Cette application est caractérisée par une longue durée de vie et un design adapté aux produits alimentaires.

Robots Rescue

Jonas Thees a participé à la RoboCup 2006 à Brême avec son petit robot. Agé de 14 ans, il a remporté avec son robot le titre de champions du monde des juniors, dans la catégorie "Rescue".

Screw tester

9.9 million strokes tested without wear.


Tilt-table for turning laboratory specimens.

Système de régulation d´eau

Les chapes et les embouts à rotule sont insensibles à la corrosion et peuvent être utilisés dans des liquides.

Transport vehicle with 4-wheel Ackermann steering

Maintenance-free track accuracy

Fully automatic tire fitting lines

No more expensive repairs

Automatic cup supply system for cup filling line

No lubricants in food sector

Screen facade for primary school

For wind and rain

“Portamobil” assembly aid for door leaves

Can be handled alone

Helicopter drone

Light and free from play

Vibration training appliance

Good suspension and economical

Chemist prescription printer

Precise and effective

Hand-operated water pump

Resistant to wind and rain

Small LED spotlight

Movable and attractive

Cleaning robot

Light and clean

Student project "PLC laboratory"

High positioning accuracy

Bipod for sports firearm

Maintenance-free and resilient


The bearings reliably transmit the high radial centering forces with low friction and free of stick-slip and minimize the arm system's friction through their integrated start-up.

Filling valve

The challenge: The operating temperature is maximum 140°C and the applied material must be resistant to all cleaning agents used in the beverages industry.

Climbing robot

The objective was to keep the weight of the climbing robot as low as possible, so that it can move with suction cups on smooth surfaces like window panes.

Handle dispenser

Application head of a handle dispenser.

Track vehicle

A problem that vexed the designers was the total weight and the occurring leverages. Here the weight should be saved.

Electrically driven children's car

Polymer bearings in electric cars for children: Top quality was achieved.

Rotor head

iglidur® G is the problem solver in this rotor head The rotor blades rotate about 400 times per minute and thereby execute oscillating motion with maximum 30°.

Banknote processing

Locking mechanism of a banknote processing machine: The double joint enables all necessary degrees of freedom and also absorbs the tensile strength.

3-axis tripod

Requirements for the design were stiffness, low-priced relocation and dirt resistance.

Measuring equipment

The igubal® ball heads are particularly well-suited for this requirement. They do not indicate any notable clearance even after about 15 million operation cycles.

Helicopter load system

A novel external load system for helicopters required a low weight, high reliability with simultaneous weather resistance and freedom from maintenance.

Kinematic system

Kinematic system for automobiles: The employed plain bearing enables a tolerance adjustment of the loading platform to the side paneling.

3D flow distributor

Ball bearing assemblies are very precarious due to the lubricant particularly under water. Stainless steel guidances cannot be considered due to the high costs. Plastic is used also for hygienic reasons.

Bagging machine

Application of polymer plain bearings in bagging machines for caustic soda.

Rotary sorter

The igubal® flange bearings were by far the most cost-efficient alternative in comparison.

Powder coating-

Conventional guide systems break down as no oil or fat whatsoever should enter the dipping bath.

Special bikes and therapeutic accessories

Plain, spherical and linear bearings made of plastic help to improve mobility and the quality of life


Transfer of the steering movement in a "Body-Turn-Bike" by two rod end bearings.

Meat portioner

JAM-08 pillow block bearing and KBRM-08 rod end bearing in a meat portioner / packing device

Garden appliance

Truck-mounted customized spraying systems for gardening and tree care companies.

Recumbent trike

Due to their lower weight and better suspension qualities, the company switched to igubal® rod end bearings.

Smoke extraction system

Polymer rod end bearing in a smoke extraction system at a meat factory.

Cutting machine

The spherical bearing used compensates the angle misalignment. That means no more maintenance is necessary.

Snowboard-like appliance

Snowboard-like appliance


Utilisation d´une table à vis hélicoïdale de grande qualité, de guidages linéaires et de rotules lisses igubal®.

PLC laboratory trainer

The aim of the concept is to demonstrate to the students how to handle a programmable logic controller (abbreviation: PLC) in an attractive way.

Robot de gommage

Le robot de gommage de l'école Hans-Böckler-Schule rattachée au centre d'enseignement professionnel de la ville de Münster allie technique et histoire culturelle.

Bag forming, filling and sealing machine

Maintenance-free plastic bearing defy all outer influences and provides for the required service life.

Cordless screwdriver race

The unusual design for a recumbent bicycle has got what it takes: cordless screwdrivers are used here to drive it.

Photovoltaic tracking system

Wind, sand and sun: Plastic plain bearing for solar technology

Fitness equipment

New solutions for fitness equipment save production costs and assembly times.

Straightening technology

Quick, straight, precise: this is how the requirements in sheet metal machining can be summarized. Sophisticated straightening technology makes all this possible.

Delta robot

Model of a delta robot for the linear optimization of process routes.

Driving beer crate

Bearings on steering linkage and connection in a racing beer crate.

Formula 1 racing car

Steering/damper connection on a Formula 1 model racing car.

Model speed boat

Stabilization and alignment of the drive shaft.

Model ship

Built-in solid lubricants guarantee consistent functionality.

Horizontal forming, filling and sealing machines

On these horizontal forming, filling and sealing machines, the total freedom from maintenance over the machines' entire life cycle was particularly important for the customer.

Cow cleaner

Lubrication-free polymer bearing technology for cow cleaners