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iglidur® PRT polymer slewing ring bearings application examples

iglidur® PRT is a slewing ring bearing with the proven advantages of the igus® polymer bearings. The sliding elements made of iglidur® J operate absolutely free of maintenance and lubrication. All housing parts are made of aluminium, and hard anodised giving the iglidur J sliding elements the perfect running surface. All fastening screws are made of stainless steel.

More applications

Mounting station

On this assembly station, the workpieces are continually rotated in a circle.

Medical sports equipment

This device is used for physiotherapy treatment for back problems.

Transport system

Handling/transport system for semiconductor carriers.

Control panel

In this machine tool control panel, an iglidur® polymer slewing ring bearing is used due to its freedom from lubrication and maintenance.

Welding plant

Application of plastic plain bearings in an automatic welding plant.

Moving Head

The plain bearing used has a low frictional resistance and is low maintenance and lubricant-free.

Core joining device for casting cylinder heads

The used bearing must be lubricant-free, because silica sand is used here.

Student project "PLC laboratory"

High positioning accuracy

Assembly press for air conditioning unit

Using drylin® T linear guide and iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings, the movement under the press and the pivoting of the parts to be assembled is mastered.

Support d´assemblage

Ce support fait appel à un plateau tournant en polymères iglidur® qui se distingue par son faible poids.

Screen lifter for large displays

Lifting heavy loads

Véhicule à chenilles

Le poids d´ensemble et les forces de levier générées posaient problème aux concepteurs. Le poids devait absolument être réduit.

Centre d'usinage CNC

On trouve des paliers polymères légers, robustes et sans graisse dans des machines-outils et des centres d'usinage de nombreux secteurs industriels.

PLC laboratory trainer

The aim of the concept is to demonstrate to the students how to handle a programmable logic controller (abbreviation: PLC) in an attractive way.


A series of interactive exhibits were designed and developed for a distillery visitor centre in Scotland using igus®’ iglidur® slewing rings...

Chain saw

This system turns tree trunks into handy pieces of firewood.