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Participant of the manus® contest

437 entrants from 33 countries

This year’s manus® is the second manus® award to be announced worldwide. 437 entrants from 33 countries participated in it with their applications. They have competed for the Gold, the Silver and the Bronze manus®.
The objective of the plastic bearing award is to recognize applications that are characterized by technical and economic efficiency and boldness. Maintenance-free polymer bearings today enable solutions that combine apparent contradictions: Technical innovations and cost reduction. The jury would like to encourage innovative applications with plastic bearings in all industrial sectors. Maintenance-free polymer bearings today enable solutions that combine apparent contradictions: Technical innovations and cost reduction. The jury would like to encourage innovative applications with plastic bearings in all industrial sectors.

Home exercise machine

manus® 2013 Gold: This device brings the cross-country ski trail to your living room.

Pneumatic rotary piston engine

manus® 2013 Silver: This pneumatic rotary piston engine provides trouble-free use for an uninterrupted power supply.

Friction clutch

manus® 2013 Bronze: This friction clutch provides protection against overloading the drive train in a machine for harvesting fodder.

Sausage toaster

No more pale sausages with this toaster!

Self-feathering propeller

These propeller blades automatically position themselves.

Unloader with conveyor belt

This unloader with a conveyor belt now works reliably.

Organizing furniture

There are no squeaks in this furniture.

Disc harrow

This disc harrow can easily adjust to any width.

Production machine

This machine ensures uniform serrations in industrial files.

Miniature steam locomotive

In this miniature steam locomotive, the three-part back door open easily.

Circulation device

This welding head is automatically positi-oned by a circulation device.

Design football table

This football table, made of concrete, allows accurate goal kicks and defensive actions every time.

Weight bench

This weight bench strengthens the legs – and is absolutely safe.

Joystick control

This joystick makes the operation of uniaxial machines seem like child‘s play.


This harpoon can be stretched effortlessly.

Circuit breaker

This circuit breaker for drive systems is virtually maintenance-free.

Filling system

This bottle-filling system for thin to viscous materials works fast and precisely, thanks to numerous igus® products.


These pedals for control of ultralight aircraft can be moved easily, smoothly and synchronously.

Axle bearings

This axle construction for industrial machine-ry holds tightly.

Energy converter

This system converts ocean wave energy into electrical energy.

Waste bin system

This system makes unsightly waste bins disappear into the ground at the touch of a button, leaving a colourful flower bed behind instead.

Surveillance camera

This surveillance camera is totally adjustable.

Video wall

This video wall is simple to install and customize.

Thermoforming machine

This deep drawing machine fits perfectly in the new packaging sizes.

Buffet tray

This buffet tray can be opened in a jiffy.


This saw can be easily adjusted to any thickness of the material.

Sun shade

This sun shade can be set properly in any direction and in any mounting position.


This gripper takes up to 60 ice cream cones at once and positions them precisely and super-fast.

Total body trainer

This outdoor total body trainer can be used without friction in any type of weather.

Embossing machine

This embossing machine makes license plates automatically.

Patio heating

This patio heater is very special.

Filling machine

This filling machine reliably fills vats with paints and lacquers.

Fitness equipment

This outdoor fitness equipment for public parks has no problem with moisture or temperature extremes.

Power wrench

This machine has a precision of +/- 0.01 mm for tightening screws along the PVC profile.


This automatic reel for mono-filament production winds as quick as a flash and quietly.

Sailing boat

This sailing boat can be steered perfectly thanks to an optimum connection between the tiller and rudder.

Coffee percolator

This coffee percolator brews coffee to a perfect temperature.

Dance robot

This robot has a pelvis thrust like Elvis Presley in his day.

Rolling stamping machine

This rolling stamping machine for marking pressing sleeves for hydraulic pipes produces consistently good quality.

Valve adjustment

This spray valve adjustment in the spraying line for oiling metal strips can be set steplessly to any new strip size.

Gear lever

The gears of an MG Rover with IB5 gearbox can easily be engaged using this gear lever.


Wind and weather do not make a difference to this wheelbarrow.

Inspection unit

This camera-based inspection unit works without interruption.

Parallel-hybrid drive

The parallel-hybrid drive for diesel-powered motorboats can be actuated through the gear and power box without additional throttle.

Conveyor belt

The width of this conveyor belt for production lines can be adjusted at lightning speed.

Manufacturing machine

This machine makes high-precision telescopic magnifying spectacles for surgeons.

Cordless lift

This lift is a versatile helper for construction workers or craftsmen.

Viewing telescope

This viewing telescope is a really intelligent aid.

Spray suntan cabin

No-one remains pale in this cabin.

Powerboat seat

From 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds – no problem with this seat.

Sprinkler system

This sprinkler system in a power station cooling tower works reliably all year round.

Weaving loom

This water-jet weaving loom works extremely productively.

Printing plate exposure unit

This printing plate exposure unit works reliably and accurately.


This diorama on the main promenade in Podebrady/ Czech Republic, uses dolls to replicate famous events in the city’s history.

Planting machine

This planting machine is easy to manoeuvre.

Ultralight aircraft

This amphibious ultralight aircraft cuts a good figure both in the air andin the water.

Production machine

This automated production machine manufactures wire hooks for merchandise display.

Steam generator

This steam generator is based on the principle of steam engines and steam boilers.

Drilling jig

This drilling jig allows ergonomic drilling and boring of existing bore holes.

Patient chair

This patient chair for dental practices ensures comfort, even when dental drilling is needed.

Formula-1 simulator

With this simulator, anyone can feel like Michael Schumacher.


This sunroof for a British swimming and fitness centre is completely maintenance-free and opens and closes without a hitch.

3D Printing machine

This printer ensures precise three-dimensional products.


This robot looks and moves like a human being.

Moving mechanism

These movable cuddly penguins live in glass cases.

Production machine

This machine ensures that chocolates in candy boxes are neatly separated from each other.

3D Printing machine

This printer produces three-dimensional plastic parts in the shortest possible time.


This three-wheeler can be converted into a shopping cart in less than eight seconds.


This turbine, with a power rating of about 50 MW, has been in operation since 1950.


This windmill keeps running and running and running.

Production machine

This machine manufactures plastic packaging out of thermoplastic film, among other things.

Safety system

This safety system provides reliable protection against falling from great heights.

Rescue robots

After disasters such as earthquakes or gas explosions, this robot can save lives by terrain reconnaissance.


These toilets are never leaky – at least not in the lavatory cistern.

Slatted frame

Anyone who finds it arduous to buy a bed should pay close attention to this news.

Core drill

This core drill allows boring for soil samples or for drainage to a depth of two metres.


This small wind turbine produces electricity only for a single or multiple family dwelling.

Seat post

This seat post for racing bikes will make the next Tour de France a breeze.


This plane contains many iglidur® plain bearings.

Welding heads

This machine with its floating welding heads is faster and more efficient than many others, due to the conversion to igubal® spherical thrust bearings.

Parking meter

This parking meter withstands even heavy rain and other inclement weather.

Rail transport retarder

These maintenance-free retarders help with the automatic speed control of rail vehicles, without the use of external energy sources.

Riding mowers

This is an extraordinarily high-performance and accurate riding mower due to its tremendous manoeuvrability.

Fertilizing machine

A stirring shaft allows this fertilizing machine to operate reliably and without loss of fertilizer.

Engraving machine cooler

This cooling device for an engraving machine is equipped with refrigerant detection to protect the machine from overheating and damage.

Brake apparatus

This cable car stops only for passengers – not for regular maintenance.

Filling system

This line is used to fold, glue, fill, sterilise and seal milk cartons.

Display equipment

These uniform and easily movable displays allow the highlighting of snowboard bindings of an exceptional kind.

Rail cars

This rail car is an effective solution for show business, making it possible to use equipment that is hanging from the ceiling.


With this highly professional telescope, both amateurs and experienced professionals can observe the panorama of the universe.

Labelling machine

This labelling machine prints a data matrix code on bottle labels that includes, for example, information on durability, storage conditions and the manufacturer.

Sail device

This device helps to accurately position the sail on big yachts.

Milling and drilling machine

This machine is equipped with a three-axis CNC router used for milling and drilling, for example, by electrical engineers, model makers and jewellers.

Near-field scanner

Politechnika Gdanska Katedra, Stanislaw Kostka, Gdansk, Poland


This rugged unit with two clamping positions enables safe rappelling.


This windmill turns reliably and smoothly.

Camera system

This camera system turns the smallest objects into real eye-catchers.

Veneer saw

This veneer saw cuts precisely down to the last 0.1 millimetre – over lengths of up to 3.15 metres.

Filling system

This bottle-filling system for thin to viscous materials works fast and precisely, thanks to numerous igus® products.


This tripod for surgical microscopes rotates smoothly.

Rotary table

Nothing makes this turntable miss a beat.

Underwater robots

These underwater robots reliably dive down and then up again.

Surveillance camera

This surveillance camera keeps everything in sight – for both outdoor and indoor applications.

3D Printing machine

This printer processes the raw material into an optimal three-dimensional product.

Horseback simulator

This machine allows customised horse saddles to be made.

Protection from water

Water has no chance against these outdoor cameras.


Once it‘s dark, these sunshades can be folded open and illuminated for a nice ambiance.

Miniature train engine

This miniature train engine runs smoothly and quietly – even through bends.

Vertical wind turbine

This vertical wind turbine can withstand wind and weather. The vane bearings in particular are subject to an enormous load in heavy winds due to the extreme centrifugal forces.

Cleaning machine

This cleaning machine makes soiled containers such as waste bins shine like new.

Surveillance cameras

With these surveillance cameras, nothing goes undetected, no matter how many units have to be added.

Laser plotter

This laser plotter cuts and engraves precisely in wood, plastic, aluminium or steel.

Swimming robot

A manta ray was the inspiration for this swimming robot.


This laser marks workpieces with a unique Data Matrix Code.


Time just flies on this ergometer.

Harvesting machine

You will never have backache from strawberry picking again thanks to this harvesting machine.

Deburring machine

This machine can deburr pipes and round rods on both sides, both inside and out.

Fish robot

This fish robot simulates the movements of a tuna fish with only one motor.

Massage table

This massage table can be adjusted smoothly and quietly.

Cooling system

Around 10.000 blood bottles are stored in and automatically dispensed from this refrigerator.

Moulding machine

This moulding machine is used to make hollow cast parts with the aid of the waxmelting process.

Camera positioner

This entry for the manus® award enables 3D film cameras to be positioned absolutely precisely.

Pig gate

This pig gate opens doors automatically.

Dispensing machine

This automatic machine dispenses over-the-counter medications even when all chemists are closed.

Camera carriage

This camera carriage allows impressive time lapse images to be taken.

Cleaning robot

This robot is mainly used for cleaning pipes in air-conditioning systems.

Gynaecologist‘s chair

This gynaecologist‘s chair not only stands out thanks to its design.

Dialysis pump

This dialysis machine is durable and works absolutely reliably.

Plasma cutter

This plasma cutter with active distance control is used in the metalworking industry.

Screen printing machine

This screen printing machine has been designed for the precise printing of fine structures.

Interactive mirror

This mirror understands what people mean by their gestures.

Shooting range

This shooting range works reliably and can be remote controlled.

Exploration robot

This robot would get on fine on Mars.

3D Printing machine

This printer makes three-dimensional plastic models.

Surveillance camera

This 360° surveillance camera works absolutely reliably and is very durable.

Rocking chair

This freely rocking chair has nothing in common with grandpa‘s rocking chair.

Artificial foot

This artificial foot works just as reliably as a real foot.

Loading system

This system helps with the loading of motor-bikes into a transporter or the rear garage of a mobile home.

Electric pistons

This development could revolutionize industrial automation.

Tilting device

This tilting device is used for the effortless emptying of large containers.

Fermentation residue dryer

This fermentation residue dryer is used in biogas plants.

Dumping mechanism

This dumper truck empties out your cargo reliably.


Steering remains absolutely precise, even on uneven roads.

Brake sensor

This brake sensor is extremely precise.

Production machine

This machine produces cups with a coloured interior, completely automatically.

Camera shutter

This camera shutter works with absolute precision and in less than just 1.5 milliseconds.

Toilet flushing system

Meat roller

This production machine makes meat slices as flat as a pancake.

Further Applications (PDF)

More applications from different sectors can be found here.