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Washing machine in car production

Lubricant-free drylin linear bearings allow effective cleaning in an industrial washing plant

This washing machine from Cleantech Systems Private Limited is used in automobile production. Before certain engine components are assembled, it removes adhesions such as dirt, oil, and coolant to prevent damage later on. Conventional linear ball bearings corrode in a moist environment from constant contact with cleaning agents. iglidur plastic plain bearings gave the system the desired reliability and freedom from maintenance.


  • What was needed: drylin linear bearings; tribo-tape liner
  • Requirements: Water and chemical cleaning agents attack all components, so it is very important that they are corrosion-resistant; no lubricants can be used as they can mix with the cleaning fluid
  • Industry: Automotive industry
  • Success for the customer: drylin bearings operate dry so they require no lubrication; they are insensitive to external influences such as moist environments. They reduce operating costs thanks to long service life and the elimination of component replacement

Washing system


Special industrial washers are used in the automotive industry because particles in the engine components can damage parts during assembly. Specifically, coolant, oil, or dirt can adhere to them. In this application, the system for treating cylinder heads consisted of two sections, one for cleaning and the other for drying the component. For this purpose, linear bearing systems were to be used at various points.
But conventional linear bearings caused various problems. Hot water and chemical detergents are used in each wash cycle, therefore when the equipment stopped, the bearing housings corroded quickly. Stainless steel bearings are not common here because their cost is very high. The oil mixes with the machine's cleaning fluid so the lubricants in the bearings negatively impact the wash cycle.


Because the project managers already had good experiences with products from our bearing product range, they decided to use igus linear bearings for the washing system as well. After checking compatibility for their application, they decided to use drylin bearings. The self-aligning linear bearings operate dry as lubrication-free systems and are therefore maintenance-free and insensitive to external influences. This makes them particularly suitable for the moist environment of the car wash. Tribo-tape liners are also used to provide additional protection against splash water. The customer also saves lubricant costs with the drylin bearings. And the bearings no longer need replacing as frequently, further reducing the system's operating costs.

Washing system