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manus® competition participant applications

This year’s manus® is the third manus® award to be announced worldwide. 467 entries from 34 countries participated with their applications. They competed for the gold, silver and bronze manus®.
The aim of the polymer plain bearings awards is to award applications that stand out due to their technical and economic efficiency and have the courage to be creative. Maintenance-free polymer plain bearings enable solutions that unite apparent opposites: technical improvements and cost reductions. The jury would like to support innovative applications with polymer plain bearings across all industries.

Search from over 400 customer applications

In a wide range of industries, solutions are technically refined and costs saved through the use of polymer bearings.

More applications

manus® application examples

Medical assistance system

This year’s Gold award winner is a system that assists doctors with keyhole cochlea implant surgery to treat inner ear deafness and profound deafness.

Smoothing machine

The winner of this year’s Silver manus® award is a machine that makes it easier to draw off screed.

3D printing machine

This year, Bronze goes to a laser-based 3D printing machine that prints metal parts made of titanium, aluminium, steel or even gold.

Washing system

This system washes car underbodies.


This turbine is used wherever power is used but no mains connection is available.

Test system

This test system is used in bottling plants and checks whether only bottles of the same size are on the conveyor belt.

Transport without disruptions

These conveyor rollers are mainly used in industrial systems.


These cylinders are used in the lifting mechanism of tipper vehicles.


This binding is used on so-called splitboards.

Crane crab

This crane crab runs on a reconditioned crane girder.

Production machine

With this production machine, small plastic spray bottles must be guided from a rotary table through a small opening onto the conveyor belt.

Movable touchscreen

This movable touchscreen system has been developed for quality checks in the company’s factories.


The height of these handrails can be adjusted according to individual requirements.

Grinding machine

This machine is used to grind stainless steel tanks.

Stitching machine

This stitching machine is used in the textile industry.

Fitness equipment

This fitness equipment works almost silently.

Staple robot

This robot stacks industrial containers on top of each other.


This kiteboard has to be able to cope with heavy impact as well as with humidity and soiling.

Bicycle frame

This bicycle frame was developed as a bachelor thesis at Aachen University.

Maintenance robot

This robot can be used for the maintenance and repair of medium- and high-voltage overhead lines.

Industrial machine

This machine is used to split tree trunks.

Product ejector

This product ejector is used in packing and filling machines.

Front grille

This front grille is fitted underneath the radiator grille and can be moved during travel.

Steering system

This aerodynamic steering system is used on hovercrafts.

Handling and contacting module

This handling and contacting module is used for the automatic electrical measurement of individual boards in the temperature testing cabinet.

Lift system

This lift system can lift weights of up to 100 kilograms and needs to be able to adjusted gradually and accurately.

xiros in a sterile environment

In this decontamination insulator, syringe sets were packed in a sterile way.

Large format camera

This large format camera works absolutely precisely.


This turnstile is principally used in sports fields.

Centrifugal clutch

This centrifugal clutch with polymer bearings is used in two-stroke racing machines.

Coin changer

This coin changer provides change faster than other devices of its kind.

Banknote checking device

This device checks the authenticity of banknotes and is used in ticket machines for example.

Wind vane

This wind vane is used in a wind control system on sailing boats.

Measuring equipment

This measuring device is used in geotechnical laboratories and performs mechanical tests at rock samples.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer prints reliably and precisely.

Bicycle pedal

This bicycle pedal offers its owner excellent protection from theft.

Testing device

This device is used for testing stainless steel pipes.

Wire-cutting machine

This wire-cutting machine cuts pipes for the oil and gas industry.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer was constructed with almost no ready-made components.

Vacuum nozzle

This vacuum nozzle gets into even the tiniest of corners.

Wave and tidal power plant

These wave and tidal power plants produce energy from sea wave movements.

Power amplifier

This power amplifier is so gigantic you can even walk into it.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer can be folded.

Ski touring binding

This ski touring binding provides optimum walking comfort and stability combined with maximum release safety.

3D Printing machine

With this 3D printer, the working area is moved using a lifting mechanism.

Shower cubicle

The door of this shower cubicle is extremely easy to open and close


This under-carriage is used in agricultural machinery as an alternative to air-filled tyres.

This steering system is being used in a racing car.

This steering mechanism is used in a racing car.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer is favourably priced and very easy to install.

High heel cushioning

This invention allows women to walk much more relaxed in high heels.

Current consumer

This system is used as a current collector

Production machine

This machine puts caps on products of different sizes.

Test robot

This robot is called “Porton Man” and tests protective clothing for the British military.

Newton‘s cradle

This Newton‘s cradle is set up in parks and has been designed to teach young people about the laws of physics.


This awning spans the whole inner courtyard of a hotel and offers protection from sun, rain and wind.

Industrial machine

This machine drills holes in plastic plates and deburrs the edges.

Test robot

This robot checks the weld seams on pipes.

Leg press

This workout device is used for optimum training of the leg muscles.

Training system

This training system supports people with neurological defects or spinal cord injuries during rehabilitation measures.

Cleaning robots

This robot cleans aquariums fully automatically and removes algae and soiling from the inside of the glass walls.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer enables the fast creation of polymer prototypes.

Cable/hose column

This column is used to store hoses or cables without twisting.

Urn lowering

This device allows automatic lowering of urns at burial.

Levelling device

This device supports the levelling of dry fill material.

Hot wire cutter

This device cuts figures and elements out of polystyrene blocks.

Washing machine

This washing machine is used in vehicle production.

Cooling and outgassing paternoster

This cooling and outgassing paternoster is used in an extrusion line for hot water insulation hoses.

Filling system

This filling line is used to fill meatloaf mixture into baking dishes.

Training machine

This machine is used in football training for both field players and goalkeepers.

Ring motor

This ring motor is used in underwater vehicles and boats.


This wardrobe is round and extremely spacious.

Toothed belt conveyor

This toothed belt conveyor is used by a window manufacturer.

Industrial machine

This industrial machine is used for manufacturing matches and is thus permanently exposed to humidity and chemicals.

Production machine

This machine produces wafers.

Washing machine

This machine cleans print sleeves.

Ball joint

This ball joint can be applied in the robotics for applications with low or moderate load.

Mobile robot

This mobile robot is used during rescue operations following serious catastrophes such as earthquakes and bomb or gas explosions.


This universal turning lathe has a movable and foldable protection cap.

Bicycle gearing

This half-automatic gear simplifies biking.

Measuring system

This measuring system is used on press braking machines.

Magnetic table football

This table football game guarantees plenty of exciting matches with friends.

Stretching machine

This stretching machine allows 50 percent of raw material to be saved with film/foil products.

Office swivel chair

This office swivel chair encourages you to move while you are working.

Calibrating system

This system is used for calibrating thermometers.

CNC machine

This CNC machine mainly mills polystyrene.

Hydraulic press

This hydraulic press runs more smoothly than before.

Fitness equipment

This workout device is used for training muscles.

Stacking system

This stacking system guides and stores trays of different sizes depending on requirements.

Cutting and folding machine

This machine cuts, folds web, and print etiquettes.

High sea catamaran

and the first one that is variably adjustable in its width.

Butchers & Bicycles' cargo bike

iglidur plain bearings in the agile Cargobike MK1 require only little installation space and reduce production costs.

Production machine

This production machine is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cleaning tool

With this tool, dirt on surfaces under water can be simply removed.

Sowing machine

This machine brings seeds for corn, soya or sunflowers to the field to be tilled.


The drive power of this Segway similar vehicle is directly transmitted to the wheels.


This robot is used for the canalization of the house connection area.

Cinema seat

The cinema seat can be optimally positioned for spectators.

Test system

This system examines the quality of rubber caps for pharmaceutical bottles.

Distribution switch

Until today, conventional metal bearings were used in the spring-operated mechanism of this distribution switch.

Sex furniture

This sex furniture is a real quick-change artist

Water tank

In this water tank, plastic parts are cooled after its production in an injection moulding process.

Motor robot

This motor robot allows providing audio- and video information also under conditions that are hazardous to health and dangerous to life.

Packaging machines

This machine packs lettuce, cabbage and broccoli automatically into a foil.

Production machine

In this machine, cables are automatically included via linear conveyor into the production process.

Traffic cone positioner

This machine automatically positions traffic cones on the road and increases the safety of road workers with it.

Keyboard guidance

This keyboard guidance puts an end to crumbs and wobbly keys


Patients are moved into an ambulance by this hydraulic lift system.

Traffic cone ramp

Traffic cones can be dropped on the road with this ramp without the street workers having to lean out of the vehicle.

Decoration machine

This machine decorates cakes.

Precision cutting machine

This precision cutting machine is used for steel machining.

Lifting platform

This scissor lift needs to withstand high loads.

Fair booth

This fair booth brings the fascination of mechanical construction closer to children and young people.

Wellness module

This wellness module consists of a sliding seat, three water basins and is used in the fish therapy.

Mobile washing plant

This mobile washing plant cleans shopping carts.

Rotary table

With the help of this rotating table, 360° videos of objects can be created.


If turned, this furniture appears to be a hiding place for a small safe.

Water pump

This pump permanently pumps water into a storage container that is used to delete forest and wild fire.


This robot is used for inspecting aircraft and carries out thermographic crack tests on the body shell.

Gripping robot

These robots have an excellent grip.

Telescopic pole

This telescopic pole is made up of four tubes.

Scissor-type working platforms

These ten scissor-type working platforms are used in a sawmill.

Electric sunshade

This sunshade can be adjusted automatically.

Bicycle stand

This bicycle stand is used wherever parking space is tight.

Lifting chair

This chair can be used to sit older or weaker persons up again after a fall without a great deal of strength being necessary.

Packaging equipment

In this packing system, a robot places picks up dishwasher tabs from a tray and places them in the end packaging.

Sand yacht

This sand yacht reaches a speed of up to 90 km/h.


Sitting on this stool will keep you moving and train body tension and back muscles.

Chain saw

This system turns tree trunks into handy pieces of firewood.


The pods on this carousel move up and down constantly during the ride.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer is only 10 centimetres high but can print objects with the highest quality.

Presentation system

This presentation system makes jewellery come alive and is a real eye-catcher.

Sunshade system

This sunshade system is made up of lots of slats and is used both on private and public buildings, which are equipped with an architecturally sophisticated double facade, which saves energy on top.

Test system

This test system is used in a bottling plant to check the bottles filled there.


This robot has a total of six independently controlled toothed belt axes, which are arranged in pairs at 120 degrees to one another.

Measuring system

This system can be used to determine the optimum position for a bike rider.

The system operates very silent now.

This equipment can be used to determine mutations in human genetic material before they lead to clinical symptoms.

Music instrument

This music instrument is a combination of didgeridoo and trombone.

Injection moulding machine

This machine produces plastic parts using the injection moulding method.

Production machine

PCBs for computers are automatically soldered in this machine.

Testing system

This device checks the stability of filled paint buckets.

Visualisation system

This visualisation system is just perfect for museum exhibitions.


This bracket is used for recordings with 3D cameras.

Sliding seat

This sliding seat makes it easier for ski jumpers to get to their starting position.

Filling system

This line is used for filling medication into bottles and fitting a screw cap to these.

Walking trainer

This walking trainer is used for rehab work with children who have cerebral movement disabilities.

Interactive sculpture

This sculpture is located in a chapel in a salt mine.

Cutting machine

This machine is used for cutting foam blocks.


This forklift now works reliably.

Packaging machines

In this packing machine, the boxes are discharged at the end of the process via the ejector unit by means of a pivoting movement.


This press previously used bronze bearings to guide the pressure plate.


This dynamometer is used for tensile and compression tests on springs, for example.


This monoski permits disabled or people with reduced mobility to ski.

Camera fixture

This camera fixture has been mounted to the front of an automobile.

Wave generation

This system creates waves in public and private swimming pools.

Solar aircraft

In this solar airplane, metal parts are installed only if there is no other possibility.


This forklift is subject to strokes and vibrations every day.

Hot sealing machine

A heating plate moves inside this hot sealing machine.

Projection system

With this instrument, the projection screen is always with you.

Milling machine

This machine cuts clinker veneers for house facades.

Agricultural device

This device loosens the soil in vines.

Gluing gun

This gluing gun is used in the production process of the British newspaper “The Independent”.

Lifting device

This device is used to lift paper rolls.

Stage design

In this production in the Music Theatre Poznan, a laboratory table on stage needed to be extended in the middle of the scene.

Laboratory dissolver

This dissolver with automatic oscillation is used in the paint, chemistry and plastic industry to test existing recipes or to develop new ones.

Veneer dryer

This veneer dryer is used in the wood processing industry to dry and smooth veneers.

Test device

Testing the effectiveness of fertilizers or pesticides can be performed with this device.

Foil welding device

With this device, plastic bags are welded.

Analysis device

This device analyses and evaluates the biomechanical features of the human hamstrings.

Mobile drilling machine

This drilling machine is mounted on a trailer and is used to drill holes into concrete or asphalt.

Wave generator

This wave generator is basically made of plastic.

Cigarette machine

With this cigarette machine, hand-made cigarettes can be made in no time at all.


The figures are used in shop windows to play violin and cello.

Piston pump

This piston pump is predominantly used in the oil, gas, petrochemical industry or the area of shipbuilding.


This sliding roof covers fanlight windows and serves as sun protection if required.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer runs quietly and precisely.

Off-road vehicle

This off-road vehicle is permanently on the way in a dirty and humid environment.

Bicycle without steering wheel

This bicycle has no steering wheel and still can be steered precisely.

3D Printing machine

This printer prints objects up to one metre of height.

Cleaning robots

This robot is used for automatic cleaning of building facades with smooth surface such as marble, granite or glass.


This handbike looks good, also far away from well-built roads.

Telemetry and navigation device

This telemetric and navigation device is used in remote-controlled deep-sea vehicles.

Folding bicycle

This bike can be folded together in no time.

Hospital bed

The trailer of this hospital bed can be turned about 90° to the left or to the right.

Production machine

In this machine, parts are taken via handling system from a compactor and delivered for further processing.

Test set-up

In this experimental setup, the free fall of objects is simulated with and without magnetic brake.

Knee joint prosthesis

This knee joint prosthesis works permanently friction-free even in humid or dirty environments in comparison to other prostheses on the market.

Inverter welding set

The welding head of this welding set can be height-adjusted.


This binding for skiers is lightweight and stable at the same time.


This tripod is absolutely stable on every ground.


This fully cladded tricycle weighs 28 kg only.

Massage table

This massage couch can be easily adjusted in height and inclination.

Abseiling and rescue equipment

This automatic abseiling and rescue equipment is mainly used for work on wind turbines.

TV bracket

This bracket makes every television set a real eye-catcher.

Cutting machine

This machine uses a high-power laser to cut different materials.

Heating thermostat

This heating thermostat can be moved easily long-term and no longer requires lubrication.

Robot hand

This robot hand can grip properly.

Photovoltaic system

This photovoltaic system is tracked for optimum solar energy yield.


This vehicle is a mixture of bicycle and stepper.

Ventilation system

This ventilation system guarantees a healthy indoor climate at all times.

Delta robot

Such delta robots are used for pick-and-place operations in industrial manufacturing applications.

Test system

This system checks pipelines in petrochemical systems for breaks and cracks.

Engraving machine

This machine engraves codes on the surface of high-pressure steel tanks.

Artificial bird

This artificial bird moves like its natural counterpart.


This motorcycle is usually to be found driving off the beaten track.

Foundry tool

This foundry tool often caused problems in the past.


This quadrocopter with swivelling arms is particularly lightweight. Wherever possible, the developers used light plastic parts.

Automatic pipetting machine

This automatic machine is used in the pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and medical industries rather than laborious pipetting by hand.

Medical sports equipment

This device is used for physiotherapy treatment for back problems.


This drill is used for civil engineering applications.

Medical robot

This robot uses focussed ultrasonic waves for the non-invasive treatment of children suffering from a stroke or epilepsy.

Model boats

In the past, the crankshafts of these model boats often scratched and became corroded.

Industrial machine

This machine is used for heat riveting.

windshield wiper

These wipers are driven pneumatically.

3D Printing machine

This printer is precise and very lightweight.

Knee joint

This prosthetic knee joint disposes of a quick exhaust valve.

Design furniture

The rear part of a Jaguar X300 becomes designer furniture.

Pedal pump

This pump is used to pump water from small tube wells in developing countries.

Test system

This system is used to inspect sewers and pits.

Test machine

This machine is used to test silicon breast implants for durability.

Locking system

This electromagnetic locking system allows opening doors by telephone.


This illumination is installed at a workbench and can be folded if required.

Cocktail mixer

Cocktails are automatically mixed with this machine.