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Application examples of participants of the manus® competition

Plastic plain bearings have made great progress over the past two decades. In this way they make solutions possible today that combine two opposites: technical improvement and cost reduction. The manus® competition is designed for bold applications with polymer plain bearings, which stand out due to technical and economic efficiency, creativity and surprising results. Here you can see some of the submitted applications.

Search from over 400 applications of our customers

In a wide range of industries, solutions are technically improved and costs saved by the use of plastic plain bearings.

More applications

Plain bearing applications from manus® competition of previous years

manus® 2015 application examples

manus® competition - Overview of innovative plain bearings applications

manus® 2013 application examples

manus® competition - Overview of innovative plain bearings applications

iglidur® plain bearing applications from manus® participants

Machine for frying Spanish omelettes

Gold Award at manus® 2011: Machine for frying Spanish omelettes of Carmelo Lagunas Escudero, Spain

String trimmer-cutting disc

Silver Award at manus® 2011: String trimmer-cutting disc of PRODULEX UNIPESSOAL LDA, Portugal

Prosthetic hand with individual plain bearings made of iglidur® bar stock

The bearings machined from iglidur® J bar stock are corrosion-resistant and have a low wear rate.

Robot head

Special Award at manus® 2011: Robot Head of Archimedes Solutions GmbH, Germany

Cutting machine

The application required a bearing that can be fitted or replaced quickly and can resist the dusty environmental conditions.

Drum sanding machine

The drylin® W linear guide used as a double rail more than four metres long, making adjustment of the console easy.

Sliding door

The door, which is about 3 metres high and 1.7 metres wide, is supported by a drylin® W linear guide. The good gliding properties allow the door to be moved without any problems.

Asbestos system

For this reason, drylin® linear guides and igubal® KSTM pedestal bearings are used; these need no maintenance and are not affected by the aggressive asbestos either.

Assembly robot

The stones used can weigh anything up to 4,000 kilogrammes. This means a heavy-duty load for all the components used.

Grinding machine

All igus® products used are maintenance- free, giving the machine a long service-life.

Measuring system for tools

A gauge is guided on a drylin® T-rail. This

Work table

Noise-free and precise drylin® T-rail guides provide clearence for adjusting the height of the work tables.

Positioning frame

This frame construction allows the user to move the clamped tools, such as welding or milling equipment, along three axes, as desired.

Solar silicon growth equipment

Previously, metal bearings and linear guides were used, which rusted quickly and therefore required frequent maintenance.

Lathe for wood

This machining results in lost of wood chips and dust, of course, which would stick to lubricants.

Foil saw

The precise positioning for clean cuts was important here, as well as the fact that the entire system is maintenance-free.

Recycling plant

Each machine contains 69 igubal® fl ange bearings, which were chosen on account of their corrosion resistance, lubricant freedom and space-saving design.

Variable Flange Plates

igus® thrust washers and flange bearings were used for the new design. They made the elaborate milling of the base plate unnecessary.


Since temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius occur here, the pilot must wear fire and heat-resistant clothing. The bearings used also have to withstand the high temperatures and pressures.

Machine for extreme dirt removal

A low-cost linear plain bearing with a long service life was required, which can compensate alignment faults and is as light as possible.

Gritting unit

The screwconveyer of the gritting unit has to be mounted movable in order to compensate axial offset and dynamic movements in the screw.

Inspection robot 1

This inspection robot was developed especially for use in pipelines.

Inspection robot 2

By using iglidur® W300 plain bearings, reliability can be increased. The previously used ball bearings had to be oiled regularly, which is not the case with iglidur® bearings.

For welding joints

This small vehicle adheres firmly to surfaces with its magnetic wheels, to inspect welding joints.

Weighing system

Any movement that is to be performed here must be lubrication-free, executed free of wear and, if wear does occur, it must be free of heavy metals, etc., that could give distorted results in the chemical analysis.

Melting probe with iglidur® bar stock

A media-resistant bearing for small installation spaces was made from iglidur® bar stock.

Seam recognition sensor

This machine weaves and prints terry cloth hand towels.

Painting equipment

The various work processes like aluminum etching are sometimes done with extremely aggressive materials.

Gripper bracket

For the gripper bracket for screws in automatic screwing devices – previously a job done by steel cheeks.

Manual assembly

This manus® contribution is concerned with the cost-effective increase in production and process reliability for manual assembly using low-cost automation.

A saw for wood trim

This saw cuts wood trim to the right length.

Painting equipment

The high stressing through the three-shift operation and the shocks caused by the moving parts were crucial for the application of igus® products.

Drilling resistance gauge

This device measures the drilling resistance of a needle penetrating wood at high rotational speed.

Core box

Here a core box is being moved for emptying and is then dumped.

Mould tester

Since water is used, the linear guide must be able to work dependably under water.

High-pressure washer

This high-pressure washer uses a planetary gear box.

Robot arm

This robot arm is so strong that it can use a drill.

Articulated arm

In this case, the design for a 5-axle jointed arm was submitted to the manus® competition.


This machine is used for loading and unloading of boxes at an automated warehouse.

Mars robot

This robotic vehicle is designed for a very special environment: it will one day be driving on Mars.

Wood-packaging equipment

This equipment deals with the packaging of wood.

Tyre gauge

This device can measure the circumference of car tyres without the vehicle having to be moved.

Foam cutter

The cutting wire is moved along the vertical axis by two drylin® ZLW toothed belt shafts.

Excavator seat

igus® plastic plain bearings are used here in the shock absorber of an excavator seat.

Cameras in the rear-view mirror

These cameras integrated in the rearview mirror of buses make roads safer.

Sanitary elements in mobile homes

Here, sanitary elements in the bathroom unit are installed with igus® products.


The cables that connect the tractor and semi-trailer must be flexible to compensate for the different lengths of trailers.

Electric scooter

Lightweight components are particularly important here to ensure as little energy as possible is required for movement.

Folding trailer

This folding trailer “Tyligo” is extremely flexible and can be used to transport all kinds of things.

Conversion of the wheel suspension on trikes

This application shows a conversion kit for the suspension in three-wheeled motorcycles.

Offroad beach wheel chair

This special wheelchair allows people who can only walk with diffi culty to go to the beach.

Car kit

igus® bearings are used for the gear shift linkage.

Testing equipment for trains

Trains are tested for their electro-magnetic compatibility in a shielded hall here.

Train door

At a speed of more than 350 kilometres per hour, these trains will be racing through China as of 2012, connecting Beijing and Shanghai.

Superimposed transmission

In this application, plain bearings made of iglidur® Z replace a ball bearing and a needle bearing in a superimposed transmission.

Small electric plane

To achieve the best flying conditions, all components must be lightweight and at the same time as durable as possible.

Two-piece snowboard

With this snowboard, the “Twistboard”, both parts are connected via an axially aligned joint.

Cordless screwdriver vehicle

The driver lies on this vehicle with his armed stretched out and head facing forward.

Racing bike brake

An extremely light weight is the most important criterion when constructing a racing bike brake.

Pedals for mountain bikes

In this application, metallic ball bearings and DU bushings have been replaced by lighter iglidur® flange bearings.

Dorsal trainer

This equipment is used to train the dorsal muscles. In order to use it comfortably, the base must be adjustable.

Vibrating exercise equipment

In this exercise equipment, vibrations are specifically used to build up muscles.


When the design was revised, the metal pivoting bearings used so far were replaced by igubal® KGLM pivoting bearings.

Electric golf trolley

Four igubal® pivoting bearings from igus® were tested for the floating axle through the drive, and found to be suitable after several months of tests.

Automatic gate

This gate, which can be opened and closed automatically, is used in sport stadiums and is folded like an accordion.

Ski bikes

This exceptional sporting equipment makes bombing down a ski slope like riding a bicycle.

Bicycle frame design

Here, igus® plastic plain bearings have replaced classical roller bearings and stand up to environmental influences such as dirt and corrosion.

Bicycle pedal

The bicycle pedal presented here responds to the ergonomic and biomechanical needs of cyclists.

Ski-jump trainer

This device can help ski jumpers to improve their jumps.

Wood-frame bicycle

A conventional material in an unusual application: This bike frame is entirely made ​​of wood.


This design was first used to deal with problems of clearance and friction. With iglidur® G plain bearings, however, these problems were eliminated.

Patient lift

The manus® contribution submitted here is the new development of a patient lift for ambulances for transporting patients who are able to sit in the vehicle.

Ski sledge

This innovative sledge allows people to ski sitting down. The sledge is steered by the feet and tilted by the hands.

Electric wheelchair

Plain bearings from igus® are used for the movement of the front and rear wheels. Thanks to them, there are no problems with wear or corrosion.

All-terrain wheelchair

This manus® contribution also shows an exceptional off-road wheelchair, the "Quadrix".

Medical body scanner

A drylin® T linear guide system is used in this medical body scanner.

Joint prosthesis

In this prosthesis for pneumatic knee joints, iglidur® J piston rings replace the previously used PTFE guide bands.

Artificial joint

This joint is a new development to be used in prostheses. iglidur® J plain bearings and igubal® spherical bearings are installed in it.

Medication dispenser

This machine removes medications from the original packaging and re-packages them in smaller doses.

Adjustment unit

A drylin® T-linear guide is used for adjustment. This easily copes with the cycle rate of 80 cycles per minute.


This turntable is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dental casting machine

This casting machine is used in dental laboratories to make dentures. Dentures are made with it​​.

Valve in ice cream filling plant

Wear minimised, piston jamming prevented: iglidur® plain bearings replace O-rings in the filling valve of Big Drum Engineering.

Ham cutter

This machine is also used for processing food, in this case raw ham.

Bakery products gripper

This gripper picks up freshly baked goods from a conveyer belt and packs them in baskets.

Packing robot

Cutting mechanism 1

This cutting mechanism is used in the beverage industry. Several igus® products were used here.

Herb drying

This machine is used for preparing and drying kitchen herbs.


Plain bearings are used, made of iglidur® A500, an FDA-compliant high-temperature material.

Grain sorter

This machine cleans and sorts all types of grain. First the grain is separated from other material by an air current.

Gripper for food packaging

This gripper takes packaging units from a sealing machine, turn each unit by 90 degrees and arranges them in cartons.


This pagepulltester is a high-precision measuring instrument for the bookbinding industry.

Screen printing machine

Here a drylin® T linear guide is used in a high-performance screen printing machine.


This plotter is an economical solution for printing up to DIN A2 format.

Book digitalisation

This machine can scan books fully automatically, with no human intervention required.

Letter folding machine

This device is used for folding letters. The folding operation in a small space reduces the frame sizes of folding machines.

Winding bushings

The use of iglidur® bearings quadrupled the service life of the machine. It made it possible to save almost 300 mechanic-hours plus ca. 8 tonnes of cotton wool.

Solar plant

This solar system can be installed either on its own or in combination with a wind turbine.

Hybrid solar system

This solar system can be installed either on its own or in combination with a wind turbine.

Planetary gearbox

xiros® ball bearings from igus® are used in this planetary gearbox that is used in wind turbines.

Vertical wind turbine

This device uses wind power to generate electricity.

Solar aircraft

The prototype of the „Sunseeker Duo“ solar plane is the world‘s first solar-powered two-seater.

Parabolic mirrors

This solar thermal power plant also obtains energy from the rays of the sun, without fossil fuels.

Solar cleaning robot

For solar systems to retain their entire performance capacity, they have to be cleaned at regular intervals, particularly in sandy regions.

Pedal boat

In this pedal boat, the moving parts of the drive mechanism must be mounted free of lubricants, since the screw is in the water.

Deep-sea drive

This motor is to drive deep-sea robots even at 6,000 metres under the sea.

Wave machine

Since the tank is filled with salt water, the components used may not be susceptible to corrosion.

Model train lift

The trains belonging to this particular model train fan can be driven automatically from the shelf onto the track.

Racing car

The suspension pins in this racing car were previously guided without bearings.

Steam locomotives

These fully functional steam locomotives have been built to a scale of 1:11.

Model train

Model train enthusiasts will enjoy this Rhätische Railway locomotive for a long time to come.

Sailor doll

This doll is used for representing maritime signals and originated from a marketing project in collaboration with a doll builder.

Model excavator

This fully functional hydraulic excavator was copied on a scale of 1:14.5.

Camera dolly 1

This camera dolly is very quiet and easy to adjust. Thereby it allows many variations of movement.

Adjustable arm chairs

the armrests of this chair are adjustable, to accommodate the needs of the individual user.

Cutting mechanism

A tarp is lowered slowly over the car, so that at first only the outlines are visible; then the tarp is cut by the special mechanism and the car is presented to the public.

Flexible roofing

With this system, for example, terraces can be roofed flexibly. The roof is even waterproof in the closed state.

Automatic door opener

This system can be used to convert any door to be opened automatically at the touch of a button.

Camera dolly 2

Another newly developed dolly for camera movement is the subject of this manus® contribution.

Bearings for record players

The main concern when designing the bearing support for this record player turntable was silent and low-vibration movement.

3D camera

With this 3D camera system „3D RIG“, the focus was on ease of movement and maintenance freedom.

Camera tripod

This adjustable camera tripod is usually used for cameras that have their centre of gravity well beyond the bearing axis.

Tape storage

This machine manages data back-up tapes. The transport movements inside are guided by drylin® N linear guides.

„Drawer that slides round corners“

This smart application creates more stowage space under the bed.

Adjustable dining table

Are more guests coming than you expected? That‘s no problem with this dining table, because its width can be adjusted to exactly the width you need.

Ergonomic seat mechanism

The use of an igubal® EFSM flange bearing has allowed the development of a maintenance-free and silent seat mechanism element.

Folding seat „Sitty“

Provides a seat without taking too much room away from pedestrians: this is possible with the „Sitty“ folding seat.

Dry toilet

This dry toilet has special requirements for the components used.

Information board

This information board is exposed to the weather and the forces of nature all year round.

Boat hatch

Moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations often lead to undesirable expansion of the component parts.


No matter how much the sun shines: these sunshades ensure pleasant light conditions within the building.


iglidur® plain bearings and thrust washers are shown here in the service of art.

4D seats

Maintenance-free igubal® pedestal bearings are used in theatre seats; they are noiseless and operate reliably even at high loads.

Safety door

Children are especially prone to squeeze their fingers in glass swinging doors. This safety door prevents that, because it „gives“.

Video wall

This video wall was built for a Dutch television station.

3D camera

Instead of using expensive 3D cameras, two regular cameras can be mounted on this device so that together they can generate a three-dimensional image.

Further Applications (PDF)

Autosplit D3 splitting machine

Gold at manus® 2007: Autosplit D3 splitting machine


Silver at manus® 2007: Body-Spider® of the company KOOPERA GmbH

Inspection device

The bearings reliably transmit the high radial centering forces with low friction and free of stick-slip and minimize the arm system's friction through their integrated start-up.

Calibration cage in a blown film line

In conventional solutions, while cleaning, the lubricant on the bearings is washed away or the bearings are even rinsed to get rid of the dirt particles.

Light aircraft Twister

Consistent application of igus® plain bearings in the aircraft design in fiber composite honeycomb-
sandwich construction.

Handle dispenser

Application head of a handle dispenser.

Rollers on mini excavator

Enhancement of service life, machine availability, stability and carrying capacity by the application of iglidur® in rollers on mini excavator.

Set head for small format tiles

drylin®-supported aluminum shafts with carriage in the set head for small format tiles.

Buzz saw

Buzz saw with essentially improved operating feature by the application of drylin® linear plain bearings.

Artificial knee joint

Patient's welfare in focus - How polymer bearings improve an artificial joint.

Electrically driven children's car

Polymer bearings in electric cars for children: Top quality was achieved.

Concrete pipe cutter

Concrete cutting machine in extremely heavy-duty operation since three years free of maintenance.

Elevator system

Exceedingly noiseless elevator system for single-family houses

Veneer assembling

Veneer jointing
machine ACR Speedstar: Cost advantages through polymer plain bearings.

Leak test stand

Leak test stand for the quality control of heat exchangers.

Stirring unit

Stirring unit for application in liquid media in biogas plants.

Gear derailleur

Derailleur control unit for mountainbikes (Olympic Gold 2004).

Push-rod drive chain

By the almost wear-free bearing assembly that withstands a high pressure at the same time, this push-rod drive chain was optimized in line with the market.

Mechanical hand

The mechanical hand is moved with up to 99 bearings per hand.

Handling device

The igus® potentials enable a precise guidance and the maximum gripper speed in both directions "X" and "Y".

Steam pump

iglidur® X was selected as glide material for the guide of the piston rod due to the adequate resistance to temperature and moisture.

Folding bike for everyday use

In order to fulfill the bearing system's manifold requirements, the igus® bearings are used in the standard-production application.

Measuring equipment

The igubal® ball heads are particularly well-suited for this requirement. They do not indicate any notable clearance even after about 15 million operation cycles.

Spinning box

By the modification of the plain bearing partner plastic-metal into plastic-plastic, a conversion in the integral design was possible by the use of plastic components.

Chain magazines

With the better material we also save around 60 percent in costs.

Automated teller machines

In the redesigning of the table guidance, the focus was on a ready-to-install, cost-efficient, durable and lubricant-free bearing and guide.

Angular sensor in printing machines

By the use of igus® plain bearings, no notable clearance or abrasion was recognizable even after a long service life.

Vario- and control-wheels

By a modified function system and the use of plastic bearings, a completely new generation of control wheels is developed, which is maintenance-free and low priced.

Convertible top

Automatic lock for a convertible top: By the use of the calibratable igus® flanged bearing, the maximum axial clearance could be lowered from 1.5 mm to 0.5 mm.

Wheel guide

By the new arrangement of the plain bearings, the drive wheels of the transport vehicle could utilize the rotary movement of the individual bearing to guide the front wheels accurately through the track of the unloading station.

Kinematic system

Kinematic system for automobiles: The employed plain bearing enables a tolerance adjustment of the loading platform to the side paneling.

Locking unit

In the fulfilling of all requirements, the use of a pair of plastic bearings with elastic flange played the crucial role, which enabled the clearance-free installation of the locking hook.

Wheel mount handling

Wheel mount handling for automobiles: Since about a year in daily use, the wheel mount handling system gives no trouble to the customers.

Die casting mold manufacturing

Since the switch to drylin® W, the system runs without any problem and without a stoppage.

Changeover switch for musicians

The advantages of using the bushing are: top-quality products, quick installation, long-lasting service life (2 million switching cycles) and the exceptional ruggedness.

Pillar cleaning facility

The bearings have been installed about a year ago and since then operate free of troubles in the manufacturing.

Linear actuator

Linear actuator with toothed belt drive: All disadvantages were eliminated by the drylin® WQ guide system.

3D flow distributor

Ball bearing assemblies are very precarious due to the lubricant particularly under water. Stainless steel guidances cannot be considered due to the high costs. Plastic is used also for hygienic reasons.

Sliding roof drive system

The bearing tolerances could be clearly enhanced by the machining of the inner diameter of the iglidur® P polymer plain bearing.

Tire cord machine

Application of polymer plain bearings in a tire cord machine ensures stability

Circlip inspection

The application of drylin® linear housings and iglidur® G plain bearings enable the centering pin to have a clean and easy drive up.


Besides, there were substantial quality limitations with regard to the large clearance in the ball guide. With the igus® low profile guide system, this problem was ideally solved at a low price.

Bagging machine

Application of polymer plain bearings in bagging machines for caustic soda.

Body scanner

Body scanner for recording body parameters in a coordinate system.

Low-priced microscope

An injection-molded part was created by igus® and used in the existing housing shell. Now it's been working for five years.

Testing device

Testing devices for sintered parts: A lubricant-free linear guide (liquid pollution) should be guaranteed.

Injection-molding machine

Pivot arm in injection-molding machines mounted with plastic plain bearings: With the simple plug-in installation and the adjustable collar, it was possible to abandon the highly complex bonding mechanism.

Powder coating-

Conventional guide systems break down as no oil or fat whatsoever should enter the dipping bath.

Angle sensor

Low-cost angular sensor with special bearings in printing machines.

Filling valve

The challenge: The operating temperature is maximum 140°C and the applied material must be resistant to all cleaning agents used in the beverages industry.

Powder press

In a newly designed mechanism, the conventional roller ball bearings were replaced by iglidur® plastic plain bearings.

Climbing robot

The objective was to keep the weight of the climbing robot as low as possible, so that it can move with suction cups on smooth surfaces like window panes.

Office chair

This swivel office chair automatically adjusts to the weight of the user.

Reanimation equipment

Over 30 iglidur® plastic plain bearings assist to satisfy these requirements.

Circuit board pick and place

This novel insertion head (pick & place) for circuit board machine uses drylin® liners.

Load roller

In this scooter, the steering was newly designed with igus® polymer plain bearings.

Robot de gommage

Le robot de gommage de l'école Hans-Böckler-Schule rattachée au centre d'enseignement professionnel de la ville de Münster allie technique et histoire culturelle.

Cross member

Here an iglidur® polymer slewing ring bearing is used, which is distinguished by its low weight.

Handling device

In this application as well, glide pads made of polymer contribute toward the enhancement of the technical performance and an increase in the degree of automation.

Rotor head

iglidur® G is the problem solver in this rotor head The rotor blades rotate about 400 times per minute and thereby execute oscillating motion with maximum 30°.

UV reflectors

A UV radiator unchanged for 10 years was reconstructed and improved in the details. The iglidur® Z flange bearing reduces here the costs and the amount of maintenance.

Universal joint

The universal joint presented here is, contrary to the common universal/cardan joints, not only designed for the transmission of torsional forces.

Railroad platform

The hinge elements and cam rollers of the ramps are inserted with two iglidur® Z plain bearings respectively.

Airfoils in aircrafts

Here the challenge in the design was that the bearing of the group of components for the application in the measuring medium water had to be designed.

Edge processing

Due to the low friction in the use of roller bearings, a complex counter force or gripping mechanism is necessary.

Banknote processing

Locking mechanism of a banknote processing machine: The double joint enables all necessary degrees of freedom and also absorbs the tensile strength.

Art over TV - Art over flat-screen TV

Flat-screen TVs are increasingly mounted on walls. But previously pictures or paintings often hung at this place. Art over TV combines both.

Organ console

The motion of the driving rod of an organ should be utmost noiseless and smooth-running.

3-axis tripod

Requirements for the design were stiffness, low-priced relocation and dirt resistance.

Helicopter load system

A novel external load system for helicopters required a low weight, high reliability with simultaneous weather resistance and freedom from maintenance.

Shooting range

Application of plastic plain bearings in a shooting range.

Bicycle shock absorber

By the application of a novel design, which feature an individual element made of iglidur® RN56 as the core piece, the technical requirements could be achieved at clearly reduced costs.

Bearing technology in sports leg prosthesis

The replacement of a Teflon-coated metallic bearing with an iglidur plain bearing brought a reduction of the bearing clearance through significantly lower wear of the bearing in addition to higher flexibility.

Conveyor chains

The application of an iglidur® plain bearing on the outer side of the pin was the main new aspect of the design.

Screen printing machine

Maximum precision in color application, thanks to drylin®.

manus® Gold: Low wear and resilient

Low wear and resilient by using polymer plain bearings.

manus® Silver: Secure under high forces

Secure under high forces: maintenance-free plain bearings made of iglidur® Z can withstand extreme loads.

manus® Bronze: Over 170,000 Euro of benefits

Over 170,000 Euro of benefits were able to be achieved by using polymer plain bearings

Screen lifter for large displays

Lifting heavy loads

Fully automatic tire fitting lines

No more expensive repairs

Adjusting device for flagpoles

Low vibration in the wind

Hot wire cutting machine for Styrofoam parts

Less production complexity

Reduction of recoil on large-calibre long firearms

Precise and ergonomic

Screen facade for primary school

For wind and rain

High-speed thermal shakers for standard specimen containers in the laboratory

Hot and quick

CNC-controlled laser cutting machine

Perfect operation

Solar water pump for developing countries

Long-lasting and cost-effective

Tangible sound in the home cinema

Very resilient

Mobile and stationary saw mills

Nothing sticks

Core joining device for casting cylinder heads

The used bearing must be lubricant-free, because silica sand is used here.

Moving Head

The plain bearing used has a low frictional resistance and is low maintenance and lubricant-free.

“Portamobil” assembly aid for door leaves

Can be handled alone

Fixture for flat screens

Simple movement

The Qube - the cocktail machine

Maintenance-free dosing

Self-aligning satellite receiver

Reliable and cheaper

Efficient hardening with ultraviolet radiation

Easy and durable

Helicopter drone

Light and free from play

Vibration training appliance

Good suspension and economical

Chemist prescription printer

Precise and effective

Hand-operated water pump

Resistant to wind and rain

Innovations for sewage works

Saves costs and better

Suspension fork Magura

With igus to victory: iglidur plain bearings in the suspension fork from Magura reduce weight and maintenance.

Oscillating bearings on gear shift in utility vehicles

Less wear

Storage-slide unit for an automatic storage/retrieval system

Effective with little installation space

Small LED spotlight

Movable and attractive

Pizza machine

Hot and cold

Marine lift for water vehicles for leisure purposes

Corrosion-proof in sea water

Winding machine for carbon fiber spools

No stick-slip

Dining table

Attractive and quiet

Switch plate activation in model construction

Affordable and long-lasting

Adjustable biker's foot rest on motorbike

Flat and durable

Lowering mechanism for hood ornament

Wear-resistant and secure

Anarkite mountain board

Robust and light

Mooring system for sail and motor yachts

High load capacity and durable

Electric motor glider

Robust and vibration-reducing

Controlled horizontal screen for a large planetarium

Economical even when exposed to heat

Eccentric for toothed belt tension

Simple but robust

Water turbine for power generation

Cost-saving and efficient

Cleaning robot

Light and clean

Student project "PLC laboratory"

High positioning accuracy

“Torsionator” sports/training equipment

Quiet and low friction

Bipod for sports firearm

Maintenance-free and resilient

Robot for recovery and inspection work

Resistant and long-lasting: