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smart plastics in the Güdel linear robot


For this project we joined forces with the automation specialist Güdel. The aim was to optimally network the FlowMotion from Güdel and the energy supply system from igus and achieve maximum safety for the customer. 
In the video you can see the main people behind this joint project and learn what is possible.
Daniel Bangerter, head of customer care at Güdel
Richard Habering, head of smart plastics business division

Request smart plastics

(vidéo en allemand)

The challenge


  • Degree of networking
  • Data collection
  • Communication between the systems
  • Data transmission
  • Data evaluation
  • User-friendliness
  • Clear arrangement


For predictive maintenance on the linear robot, the EC.M and EC.W sensors were used as hardware. The sensors measure the movement, temperature and wear of the four energy chains and send the measured values to the data concentrator. Through the connection to the igus Cloud, the data is evaluated with the findings from the igus laboratory in Cologne and the machine learning of the customer. The integration of the analysed data is done by the Güdel condition monitoring system. By networking the components, the user of the machine can check the condition of the used energy chains 1 to 1 during operation. This process makes it possible to plan maintenance of the machine and avoid expensive downtime.