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Set-up angle adjustment through spherical trapezoidal lead screw nut

Technical data:

  • What was needed: A cost-effective solution that allows for infinitely variable tilt angle adjustment
  • Requirements: Lubrication-free, maintenance-free dry operation, quiet, infinitely variable
  • Products used: Spherical trapezoidal lead screw nuts
  • Industry: Camera technology
  • Advantages: The spherical trapezoidal lead screw nuts of drylin lead screw technology  ensure a smooth beamer adjustment, for which a cost-effective and fast delivery is also guaranteed

Beamer tilt adjustment

The setting up angle adjustment: Set in no time at all

The company easybeam was looking for cost-effective products that would allow for a smooth adjustment of the tilt angle of beamers in their MultiMedia design furniture. The application should be completely lubrication-free and maintenance-free. In addition, the adjustment of the tilt angle should be quiet in order to support the user-friendliness of the beamer.
The spherical trapezoidal lead screw nuts of drylin lead screw technology offer the perfect solution for effortless implementation of angular adjustment. The thread compensating nut, a combination of lead screw drive and spherical bearing, in which the thread is inserted directly into the spherical ball, can primarily compensate for manufacturing and assembly tolerances. The nut is suitable for tilting mechanisms where the angle between the lead screw and the screw-on surface of the nut changes during the stroke.  

Beamer tilt adjustment

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