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Four pour la sidérurgie

In the steel industry, large industrial furnaces are used to heat rollers up to 1000°C within 240 min.  Bättenhausen Wärmetechnik GmbH in Wetzlar is a modern manufacturing company specialising in electrical controls and switchgears as well as the steel construction of these very furnaces. For a project, a completely new type of furnace system has now been designed that requires approx. 79-90 min. and thus only a third of the usual time to heat the rollers.
Since the furnace is supplied with gas, compressed air and electricity and also requires various control and measuring system cables, a guidance system for all these cables had to be found that was both flexible and resistant to the heat in the plant. Furthermore, the oven is movable, which meant that a particularly flexible system had to be used.  Therefore, an E4/00 family energy chain from igus is used today.


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