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Moteur pas à pas drylin® E à cordon, NEMA 23XL

  • Taille: NEMA23XL/bride de 60 mm
  • Indice de protection carter moteur: IP65 (étanchéité arbre IP52), moteur à cordon IP40
  • Couple de maintien: 3,50 Nm
  • Courant nominal: 4,20 A
  • Raccordement moteur : cordon et connecteur JST
Description de produit
NEMA23XL: The power motor in the medium installation size
A development extension of the typical NEMA23 with nearly twice the torque. The assembly dimensions are identical to the NEMA23, allowing many applications.
Stepper motors from igus® are a good supplement to drylin® linear axes. They are characterised by their cost-effectiveness, their precision and easy control. They work reliably under the most varied environmental conditions (depending on the selected class of protection IP). The igus® stepper motors can be connected to the most common motor controls using standardised electrical connection.
Motors with stranded wires are the least expensive and the most common stepper motors. The connecting wires for this type exit from the housing and will be connected with a JST connector. They are usually installed in machines and equipment that have an additional housing or are used in clean environments.

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