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vector award

... for inspiring applications with e-chains® …e-chain systems® with cables…

Modern polymer energy supply chains are the umbilical cord of mechanical engineering and automation They ensure the safe supply of energy, data, signals and media, continually on the move during this process. They can be used universally – on cranes, machine tools and robots, all the way to Hollywood.

KUKA Cobra

This robot becomes faster, lighter and more compact with an additional axis.

Traitement de sédiments

Il s´agit de la chaîne porte-câbles en polymères la plus grande du monde.


Flexible machining of wooden materials with rotations around the own axis for up to 1440 degrees.

DigitL Pneumatic Hand

e-chains® move the digits on a robotic hand.

Therapy robot

The therapy robot helps patients to walk again after an operation. The robot does not simply limit this to level paths, but also simulates complex paths.

Container unloading machine

Containers are unloaded in a highly dynamic and semi-automated manner. The e-chains® are able to support these dynamic forces.

Bread dough shaper

Flour dust and moisture are the most demanding environmental conditions for this application.

Cutting machine for carbon fibre pipes

In this case, the e-chain® was able to avoid additional sheet-metal fabrication requirements for a hose.

Crane boom for tankers

This crane can be flexibly adjusted to fuel various types of aircraft.

Wire-winding machine

Automated spool changes permit high production rates at high quality.


Protection contre les copeaux dans les périmètres de travail très réduits d'une machine-outil.

Porous concrete hardening

Reliable process control in adverse environmental conditions, such as dust, rust and moisture.

Hole drilling facility

The e-chain® provides this drilling machine with ESD protection and weather roofing.

Passerelle d'embarquement

Des chaînes porte-câbles remplacent les guirlandes sur les passerelles d'embarquement pour une fiabilité accrue.

Production line for fertilisers

Fewer malfunctions under aggressive environmental conditions at this fertilizer plant.

Hall crane equipment

This energy supply saves space by avoiding the trough.

Presentation system

Outstanding presentations with the "beamflizzer" without the distracting cable-jungle.

Autonomic robot

This robot travels on e-chains®.

Coal excavator

Long travel distances and all-weather use for the energy-supply on a coal excavator.

Cable test stand

Secure separation of individual cables for torsion test purposes.

Multi-directional sideloader

This sideloader solves flexible logistics tasks for wooden panels.

Melting furnace

This furnace, which is used to melt stainless steel, is operated at very high temperatures.

Station d´épuration

Les câbles d´alimentation en énergie de cette station de traitement de l´eau sont encapsulés pour leur protection.

Leather cutting machine

The cutting head in this application can perform work with flexibility and speed.

Waste incineration plant

Temperature and humidity may change throughout the year, but the energy supply will work reliably and consistently.

Portal system

Conserve energy with an efficient energy supply that uses less energy itself.

Coal silo

Lower weight and space requirements than alternative solutions for conveying coal.

Steel plate labelling machine

Fewer malfunctions and reduced maintenance times with easy to fill e-chains®.

Welding robot

Increased speeds and acceleration by exchanging festoonings with e-chains®.

Research camera

This camera is used to examine the behavior of solids suspended in liquids.

Window assembly

An unusual combination for the supply of energy and transportation of materials in one.

Circulation system

Twist-free supply of various media.

Rotary table

This existing rotary table needed to be retrofitted with an energy supply.

Escalator cleaner

This cleaning machine can thoroughly clean escalator steps in a single operation.

Fish protection filter

Ice protection for filters that protect fish.

Centre d'usinage

Flexibilité ultime pour fraiser et percer en une seule opération

Robots in the automotive industry

An uncluttered work space without distracting cables for high reliability.

Spot-welding robot

An uncluttered work space and fewer malfunctions are possible without distracting cables.

Working platform

Various media and a secure energy supply provide for flexible uses.

Travelling cleaners

High speed process on a textile machine without twisting the power cable.

Travelling column milling machine

Cable protection from enormous material removal during a milling operation.

X-ray device

This flexible system can take x-ray images without moving the patient.

hautes performances]

Echange aisé des câbles et structure compacte avec des dimensions idéales.

Working platform

This new design permits a variety of multiple tunnel construction processing steps to be performed by one machine.

Lock gates

Salt water resistance and compensation for sideways motions for lock-gate operations.

Hangar à hélicoptères pour bateaux

Déploiement et rétraction télescopiques du hangar en mer.

Système anti-

Ces applications testent des systèmes rendant la conduite d'une voiture plus sûre.

Inspection robot

Light-weight and mobile robot to inspect pipes on inclines and declines.

Machining centre for frames

The tools perform rotating motions of up to 450 degrees, therefore ensuring fast production

Cleaning system

This application removes paper dust and ink residue from printing press cylinders.

Synchronous motor

This laboratory setup is used to test highly efficient motor systems.

Lighting systems

Adjustable heights on in-store and mall mounted lighting systems.

Sliding gate

This automated gate will work in any weather condition.

Shelving system for concrete bricks

Data exchange is possible by exchanging the cable drum with an e-chain®.

Multimedia panel

This is a visually appealing solution for the many cables used for entertainment electronics.

Sewage channel inspection

This TV inspection system is used to examine tunnel shafts.

Filling unit

No more malfunctions when dosing fluids with precision.

Remote dispensing drug

Two air-conditioned zones for storing pharmaceuticals and transporting these to the dispensing station.

Casting implements for car rims

Automotive wheels are manufactured here using the gravity die casting process.

Optical measuring device

Precise motions within the smallest spaces without electro-magnetic interference.

Astronomical telescope

This telescope can be rotated from its original position in both directions by 270° each.

Hall cranes

Reliable energy supply for crane and gantry travel in waste sorting operations.

Art installation

e-chains® help display messages of an art installation.

Anti-magnetic linear drive

An innovative linear drive for transporting loads with or without guides.

CNC machine

This equipment is used to machine metal components used in construction equipment.

Rocket launch pad

e-chains® supply this entire rocket building with energy.

Tunnel building crane

Tunnel construction is generally space constrained, thus requiring compact components.

Safety doors

The screen doors of this large milling center are operated electrically.

Wood transport

Weather protection for the exterior transport of wooden panels.

X-ray machine

This global innovation can be used to approach a patient in any desired position.

Agricultural sprayers

These hydraulic sprayers are used to distribute fertilizers and pesticides.

Truck washing bay

This washing system is installed under the open sky in Brazil.

Milking robot

This milking robot can perform its activities around the clock in the open field.

Coal transport system

The motors in this system need a large number of cables.

Service robot

This robot has completely unrestricted movements to achieve a nearly humanoid impression.

Ball robot

A robot that can throw balls up to a distance of 16 meters.

Harvesting machine

The entire harvest, including fruit packaging in a single process step.

Assembly robot

This robot lifts heavy work pieces weighing up to 1.7 tons.

Automatic multi-storey car park

Automobiles are parked and subsequently retrieved without the driver's involvement.


Lighter components for aviation applications by avoiding separators.

Intelligent glass door

An E3 series e-chain® ensures the quiet operation of this roller gate and supplies the gate with the necessary power.

Handling robot

This robot has no difficulty dealing with heavy loads when loading and unloading conveyor belts.

Spirits case

Very ornate packaging for alcoholic beverages.

Assembly robot

Clean separation of various media in the automobile industry.

Banc d'essai pour centres de contrôle

Seuls des tests complets au sol peuvent montrer si des composants conviennent aux applications dans l'espace.

More applications from different sectors