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Toothed belt conveyor

Clean production

This toothed belt conveyor is used by a window manufacturer. The distance between the sections can be variably adjusted during operation. The advantage of this is that different window sizes can be produced without setup times being required. To make the mechanism work, the developers had to rely on a solid linear guide. The guide had to be low-clearance and maintenance-free, work dry and cleanly since dirt and oil are a no-go in window assembly. In addition the guide had to be protected against jamming caused by chips falling into it, tacker staples and other small parts. The requirements were met by the drylin® quattro slide combined with hard-chromium plated piston rods. The device has been in use for three years without any complaints whatsoever

Toothed belt conveyor_01
Toothed belt conveyor_02

Alfotec, Daniel Setz, Hartershausen, Germany

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