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Maintenance robot

Insulated monitoring

This robot can be used for the maintenance and repair of medium- and high-voltage overhead lines. The developers paid special attention to the drive and supporting rollers as well as to the brackets for the robot arms. On the one hand, the components to be used had to be weather- and corrosion-proof, and on the other be made of non-conductive material. On the basis of these requirements, the choice was quickly made in favour of the tried-andtrusted plastic products from igus®. The products used include a drylin® linear guide with trapezoidal threaded nut and bearing block, xiros® axial and polymer ball bearings, xiros® and igubal® flange bearings, igubal® angle joints as well as igus® chainflex® control cables.

Maintenance robot_01
Maintenance robot_02

Politechnika Gdanska, Wydział Elektrotechniki i Automatyki, Krzysztof Giełdzinski, Kowal, Poland

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